Passing 1000 subscribers - Picking winners for the giveaway - Thank you ...

I hit 1K subscribers today!

Bulls head Wall Decoration made from Pallet wood with aluminum inlay

Upcoming project - a Thundercats Wooden Crest

When I pass 1000 subscribers I will have a small giveaway - Here is how ...

And here is the instructable for my letter punching/stamping jig

My latest creation - Mora Knife Blade with Oak and Resin Handle

Jig for punching or stamping letters straight

Just a new channel intro/trailer 2018

Passing 100 subscribers on Instagram! Yay!

Latest Project - A Quick Center Finder Jig

Fantastic! Passing 800 subscribers

Making the aluminium/aluminum rose - Instructable

Metal Rose made of Aluminum and Very Few Tools

Upcoming project

Simple Birch Spoon Hand Tools Only

New project - a simple, yet clever dowel maker

This is great news!

How I made a Wooden Skull Corkscrew

Upcoming project

A little name change

How I made a Cube Stand and some Cubing

Upcoming project

Regarding the one sheet plywood boat

How I made a one sheet plywood boat

Artistic Wooden Trivet

Upcoming project

Pop up bench dogs - Instructable

Pop Up Bench Dogs

Upcoming project - Pop Up Bench Dogs

Passing 500 subscribers on my channel! Big thanks! Butter knives giveaways!

Far too long time has passed since my last update...

Dacia Duster - How-to Tint/Sun- and Privacy Protection Rear Windows

Upcoming project - More Swedish Butter knives

Small Wooden Guitar Stand Video is up!

Making the Bandsaw Bowl

Bandsaw Bowl

Upcoming project - Guitar Stand

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Upcoming project - A bandsaw bowl

A small marking knife

I ordered this a while ago. I got it in my mail today!

Just testing out a thing here. Mounted a piece of birch on a drill and made a make shift lathe. Did it work?

Instructable for the wedge planing stop is up!

Simple Wedge Planing Stop for Small Pieces

A quick fix for the bandsaw lower blade guide

Upcoming project - Woodworking Marking Knife

Small and Simple Oak Wood Coffee Scoop

Upcoming project - Oak coffee scoop

What is recreational woodworking for me?

There is a new sheriff in town

How to make Pallet Wood Block Mini Speakers

200 subscribers!

Upcoming project - Pallet Wood Block Mini Speakers

A collection of woodworking related forums

A very cheap plane

How to make a kebiki inspired woodworking marking gauge

Upcoming project - a simple marking gauge (kebiki style)

New milestone passed

Pencil holder made from pallet wood

Another small milestone reached

Last night pallet scavenge

I got myself a new little table saw

Cute Little Bandsaw Snack Tray

Milestone reached - 10K+ Views on Instructables

Upcoming project - Wooden Snack Tray made on the bandsaw

How to fix broken leg on wooden table - Instructable

How to replace headlight lamp KIA Ceed

Quick disk sander setup with drill