Some links about pallet safety and markings

If you are going to make a project out of pallet wood, please look into what kind of pallets that are toxic free and what kind of markings that applicable in your country.  Some pallets may be treated with toxic to last longer. You don’t want to use them. I would recommend using single use/one time pallets. They are usually cleaner because they are only used once. Stay away from painted, MB-marked or EUR/EUROPAL-pallets for you indoor woodworking projects. Some markings could be:
HT=Heat Treated
KD=Kiln Dried
MB=Methyl Bromid (don’t use these!)

Some good links about pallet safety, pallet projects and pallet markings:

Izzy Swan has some great advice Reclaiming Pallets - Which ones are safe? How to identify and find pallets.

Here are some of my pallet wood projects