My Juniper Butter Knives (Swedish Style) - Smörknivar av Enträ.

Here is a simple bandsaw beginner project. Making a butter knife (Swedish Style).

Ok. This is my first real post. I suppose I dont like the to voice over my videos, so I will post my "commentary" as a blog post. This way I can keep the videos clean (and this page messy). Its more for those of you that like to read more. Maybe I put plans up and such. If there is a demand.

Anyway. This was my first video that got a lot of views. Sure - I took my time to post it in many different forums/places. I think that this would be suitable for my first "real" post here, aswell as the first video that got a lot of views too. Because - making these very, extremly simple butter knives is often the first thing Swedish kids does in wood shop at school.

The many views I belive, had to do that I had good timing. Mr Wranglestar had his version done just a couple of days later and then people were making butter knives to left and right.

I also made a Instructable that you can find here.

Juniper is the most traditional type of wood, that I know of (the smell alone is amazing). They are done in many shapes, and these are very common.

Before I made these, I was looking for traditional swedish butter knives and their shapes and meassurments. But I couldnt find any, so I used an old knife that we had laying around. I have seen other countries, and many of them have a slim blade. The one I'm used to (here in Scandinavia) has a broader blade.

I you want to do excactly the knife I made - I have scanned my template to a PDF, so you could download, print it, and then glue it on your wood piece. The paper I use is in A4 size. Feel free to use it how ever you like. This size, shape and form is made from an old wood worker here on the westcoast of Sweden. So I guess he made it from his old template in turn.

Download the PDF template HERE.