Small and Simple Oak Wood Coffee Scoop


  1. Watching it on you tube. Very nicely done my friend. Yours turned out very nice. What kind of tool is that grinder deal you had in your drill, it looks like it would speed up the process quite a bit. I know I have seen one before but have never used one. I was looking at a little carving kit that they sale at a woodworkers place here in town, they have a nice little kit I may get sometime this summer.
    Thanks again for the nice post and have a blessed week.

    1. Hi good sir and thank you very much! I think it may be the same kind of set that you describe, that I use. Its a small set of 3 different rotary rasps (I have seen other call them die grinders too). One cylinder shaped, one coned shaped and one round ball (for the inside of the spoon). Its a nice way to shape wood handles, spoons and small pieces like that scoop. The same to you guys! Take care!


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