What is recreational woodworking for me?

This will be the first part of a series of small articles.

Definition of the word recreational: Relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is 
not working.
Definition of the word woodworking: The activity or skill of making things from wood; woodwork.

This means, for me, two things. You don't have to be a woodworker by trade (or education) to
 be woodworking. To be recreational is do something for enjoyment and not working.

I am not working, when I make the things I make. I'm free - I make my own choices regarding
 the projects, and I have to live with the consequences if I cut the corners. Take all the time you will 
need. Don't rush anything. You are not doing the projects for money, you are not doing it for
 the most effective possible way. You are doing YOUR project, they way YOU like it - and if
 it means that you will spend hours sanding a single butter knife to perfection - YOU will always 
know that and you have the result to prove your effort. 

Don't look at the time in your workshop as work time (unless you are working in a workshop).

I do woodwork because it helps me escape other thoughts in life. The world shrinks when I work
 inside my workshop. It's up to me and the tools at hand to make any progress.

The best projects are those without a strict plan. Decision can be made along the way. And I can 
be surprised of the result and ask myself - Did I really do that?

Yes - that may be an ego boost, and yes - it Is a good feeling getting nice feedback on a project. I guess 
that's why I have this page and post videos online too. I myself really, truly enjoy watching other 
crafters/DIYers/makers/woodworkers out there. There is so much passion and so much ideas shared 

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Take care


  1. Well written my friend. I totally agree, it cant be work if your having fun and when it becomes work, it is no longer fun. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend.


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